Making of NATER

Making of NATER

By Nater store

Making of NATER

The world is a handkerchief. Magical surrealism illustrated on a silk canvas.

Nater It is not poetry, they are smells, flavors, they are words that come out of a stomach that somatizes bittersweet memories.

Ref-lejos comes from far to be very close. It is loaded with everyday elements, apparently simple but loaded with meaning.

The soursop. Bittersweet fruit with an intense green color and pointed shapes. In this story it represents la paciencia; name inspired by that everyday scene where the mother, daughter and grandmother patiently shelve the fruit for hours, to be able to make a soursop juice. It is the prize.

Papaya It is treacherous fruit, with a sweet taste but dubious intentions. It is the philosophy that they teach you as a child: "Do not give papaya" ... to protect you from teasing, from betrayal.

The egg. Or the hen. Boil, fry, cook and fly away ...

Trancao breakfast. It is an everyday family scene. In Colombia love is measured with food, no matter the time, age or stomach ...

A slice of pizza. A piece of Italy run down, a hint of stale romanticism, the one of the day after. In "El guayabo”Represents the longing to live, wanting to eat the world while it devours you. The incongruity. The left overs.

The tiger leopard. The symbol of the brand is a cat native to Central and South America, in different habitats, it is unstoppable, it advances, it does not stop.

All these elements mark the character of the collection Ref-lejos. Inspired by childhood memories, and the transition of a Colombian immigrant.


By Miriam Gómez / @ miriamgf_79


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