Conscious Design



In addition to telling stories, we are committed to sustainable and ethical design, which is why our products are produced in local workshops to reduce pollution and promote fair trade; We don't follow trends Our designs They are loaded with stories, they are timeless and unique pieces developed with premium materials with a special value so that they last over time.

We believe in:


Creativity as a manifesto

The power of the people

Collaborative design

Eco-sustainable processes


"Small actions, big impact."

Creativity is a powerful communication tool and through it we want to express socio-cultural messages that can impact society with each collection.

Our first collection is a call to social tolerance with illustrations inspired by an immigrant's story. It's made entirely in Spain. It's a project without borders, that believes in cultural synergy.


"Our mission is to generate ZEROWASTE products."

Our brand tags are made with seed paper. When you get your product you can plant a chamomile plant instead of throwing it away.

We have also developed some cotton bags of vegetable origin, designed and manufactured in Spain, in which we deliver our 100% natural silk scarfs. 

Each bag protects the silk scarf, can be reused, and helps us reduce packaging waste.

Our composition tags are made with the remaining silk from the production process of the scarfs. The bags we use, only in direct sale to customers, are 100% recycled cardboard.






Help reinsert immigrants

When you buy from collection Ref-lejos, you are contributing to the dignified reinsertion of immigrants looking for new opportunities: a percentage of the money will go to Shelters welcome, a project that seeks to generate coexistence between refugees and local people to facilitate their adaptation, thus promoting a more active, inclusive and supportive society.