About me


My name is Natalia and I am an immigrant. I stopped on this journey to reinvest myself and discover the pride of my origins, exploring the passion I feel for knowing and feeling part of a world that goes beyond borders, discovering what makes us different, unique ...

Through drawing, I found a way to transform childhood memories, happy or bittersweet, into a way of storytelling. One that shows Colombian costumes, popular sayings or family stories where the women decided to leave everything to find a better future and find a new life, figuring out that the journey will only make them stronger.

Nater is earth, is nativity, is art, is my mom is me, is our essence.

The result is a brand and a project in constant evolution that seeks to launch powerful messages through design and creativity, materializing them, creating more than objects, pieces with value.

Ref-lejos , the 001 collection   with the claim "made in Spain by a Colombian", is a callout to be part of a more tolerant world. It’s a collection that is enriched by the collaboration between two cultures.

If you are interested in collaborating, tell us what you want to tell the world, we believe that creativity is a powerful weapon to be able to changearlo. :)