About me



Nater is a project in constant evolution that seeks to launch powerful messages in order to generate a positive social impact, it does not want to be a slave to its format and seeks to generate creative synergies because it knows that the Creativity is a powerful weapon of change.

It was born from the desire to do something different, to want to find a way to tell stories that make sense and move away from the noise we are exposed to on a daily basis, the noise that takes us away from ourselves and in turn immerses us in a bubble. which I have decided to puncture.

I am Natalia and I am an immigrant. I stopped on this journey to reinvest myself and discover the pride of my origins, exploring the passion I feel for knowing and feeling part of a world that goes beyond borders, discovering what makes us different, unique...

Through creativity I found a way to transform entrenched and bittersweet memories; childhood memories, Colombian customs, popular sayings, family stories where women decided to leave their families behind in search of a better future and start a new life discovering along the way how a trip, against all prejudice, made them more powerful.

Nater is earth, is nativity, is art, is my mom is me, is our essence.

That essence that does not want to be diluted and wants to build its mark and that of all those who want to join it.

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