Iraca decorative piece

Approximate measurements: 8,5cm x 9,5cm x 9,5cm 

“In a large expanse of land, full of lagoons, Iraca and his nephew Ramiriquí lived.
His empire was characterized by its natural wealth: trees on the banks of the rivers and the lagoons of Hunza, Tinjacá, Guatavita and Iguaque, among others, limited only by the green mountains that protected the forests and waters.
Only the uncle and his nephew inhabited that territory, but one day they decided to make human bodies. One took clay and modeled the body of a man, the other took reeds and made the body of a woman. Enthusiastic about their creation, they spent several hours crafting new bodies. When there were enough They gave them life and thus they populated the empire. "

Each piece is unique, you will not find the same :) They are made manually and without molds, so they can present slight irregularities that are part of the special look of our brand.

- This piece does NOT include plant

- You can order more units, although each of them will have slight variations

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