COLLECTION 003/ Mestiza

Objects with soul and character; behind each of them the essence of the ancestors, that which has been mixed to create unique contrasts; MESTIZA is the magical result of the opposite, it is love and respect for the land, pride for what we were and for what we are together.


Discover the story behind each of the MESTIZA pieces, inspired by the characters of the myths and legends of the Pre-Columbian culture.


“And Chiminigagua spread the light throughout creation using two black birds that emerged from his very being, before the Sun and the Moon existed. The first thing he created were large black birds, which he commanded to be and to go all over the world, breathing out from their beaks. And the air they blew was lucid and resplendent. And after they had traveled the world, everything was clear and illuminated. Then he created all the other things in the world, and among all of them, the most beautiful were the Sun and his wife, the Moon. "


"...The third age of the world is called Zaita Caguequa "what existed at the beginning of the universe". In this age the gods shaped Quyca "the world", Guatquyca "the world above" and Tynaquyca "the world down"...


"... And Chía was turned into the Moon to accompany the Sun (Sué) and became the protective mother of fun, the principle that produces human passions ..."


Ancestral stories reinterpreted through contemporary crafts.


“Sad to see his world permanently dark, the Iraqi chief asked his nephew Ramiriquí to go up to the mountains to bring light. This obedient man climbed the highest of the mountains until he reached the immense void that lay beyond the heights. Ramiriquí crossed the veil of darkness and found the light that was hidden there behind the firmament, he took the light and became himself a luminous and incandescently shining star ... "


“In the beginning there was only Bagué, the Mother Grandmother. Then Bague screamed and the gods, light, plants, animals, and Muiscas appeared. Then the gods filled a pot with seeds and stones, and sowed stars in space. They took the crumbs that were left in the pot and threw them far away, and that was the origin of the stars ... "

morning coat

"Chaquén God of limits, symbolizes the principle that inspires joy ..."


...SUAMOX is the abode of the sun, but sometimes CHÍA also prefers to rest on it...


"In a large expanse of land, full of lagoons, lived Iraca and his nephew Ramiriquí. Their empire was characterized by its natural wealth: trees on the banks of the rivers and the lagoons of Hunza, Tinjacá, Guatavita and Iguaque, among others. , limited only by the green mountains that protected the forests and the waters. Only the uncle and his nephew inhabited that territory, but one day they decided to make human bodies. One took clay and fashioned the body of a man, the other took reeds and fashioned the body of a woman. Excited by their creation, they spent several hours crafting new bodies. When there were enough, they gave them life and thus populated the empire.”

A message takes the form of clay, and "Mestiza" is born, its name represents an entire race that is the result of mixing, and is born in an increasingly divided world. Nater wants to promote a global village message where we share, learn and evolve together, the collection itself is proof of how mix and contrast bring unique results full of character.


Cuhuzafiba reigns over the air and the rainbow. It was born when Chiminigagua, supreme god, sent the black birds that filled all the empty space with their light ... "


"... And the Buddha became the protector of painters and artists, the God of drunkenness, irreverence, music and dance ..."

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