"Sad to see his world permanently dark, the Iraca chief asked his nephew Ramiriquí to go up to the mountains to bring the light. He obediently climbed the most of the mountains until he reached the immense void that lay beyond the heights. Ramiriquí crossed the veil of darkness and found the light that was hidden there behind the firmament, he took the light and became himself a luminous star and shining incandescently ... "

Approximate measurements: 15cm x 8cm x 3,5cm

Each piece is unique, you will not find the same :) They are made manually and without molds, so they can present slight irregularities that are part of the special look of our brand.

- You can order more units, although each of them will have slight variations

- If your piece is custom made, shipping times may vary depending on the piece to be made, we will inform you via email of the delivery times.