Bowl for decorative use, made of stoneware.

Approximate measurements: 7,5 cm Height x 17,5 cm Length x 17,5 cm Width

“In the beginning there was only Bagué, the Mother Grandmother. Then Bague screamed and the gods, light, plants, animals, and Muiscas appeared. Then the gods filled a pot with seeds and stones, and sowed stars in space. They took the crumbs that were left in the pot and threw them far away, and that was the origin of the stars ... "

Each piece is unique, you will not find the same :) They are made manually and without molds, so they can present slight irregularities that are part of the special look of our brand.

- You can order more units, although each of them will have slight variations

- If your piece is custom made, shipping times may vary depending on the piece to be made, we will inform you via email of the delivery times.

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