Vintage unisex jacket

Vintage unisex jacket

€ 180,00

Collection 002 of Nater, a creative collaboration with Monkey Garden, unique pieces intervened with our silk scarfs, to give them a second life full of stories.

Part of our project Nater is to always generate pieces with positive cultural and social impact, this collection, in addition to recovering vintage treasures, seeks to reduce as much as possible the waste generated in the fashion industry; To deliver a quality product to our customers, when we develop our productions there may be defective garments that the industry would normally discard, in Nater We believe that we must turn around the processes and become aware of the negative impact generated by not optimizing resources and processes in clothing, for this reason we have recovered the scarfs that have some minimal defect and together with the vintage jackets we have created a product new, original and unique.

Find them at Monkey garden, Calle barco 38, Madrid.