Warriors upcycling collection







002 Collection from Nater. It's a creative collaboration with Monkey Garden that offers unique pieces: vintage military jackets intervened with our silk scarfs: garments with a renewed life full of fresh stories.

Part of the Nater project is to create pieces or designs that have a positive socio-cultural impact. Besides rescueing these vintage treasures, these collection sets to reduce as much as it can the waste that the fashion industry creates.

We asume that the production process can generate some defective items so, to deliver a quality product, we take those items and reuse them in other ways. We in Nater believe in changing the production process and be aware of the negative impact that not optimizing resources has. So in this collection we took the scarfs that had any minimal defects and reused them to create a new design interviening these vintage jackets. The sum of the two elements results in a new and unique design.

Exclusively for sale in Monkey garden, Calle barco 38, Madrid.